Dec 24, 2017

VR Room Motion Curator: Detached

All of the Room Motion. Six degrees of motion controller input for facing direction and movement. Trailer suggest non-player controlled movement events will occur too.

Each launch, there was a popup error message on my desktop that needed clicked "Ok" for to allow the game to launch. The initial location of the opening menu always put my head inside of the selections. On the left (invisible) controller, hitting down on the touch pad reset the room's position. Game didn't tell me this.

Dec 22, 2017

VR Room Motion Curator: OrbusVR

Paraphrased From Developer Daynab: By default we use the teleporting movement standard like many VR games, but you can opt to turn on sliding locomotion (with a few different settings for camera orientation). So you can pick which of the two types of movement you want. There is an airship you can go on to travel between cities. Traveling via the airship is peaceful, requiring minimal attention for when you need to get off.

Dec 15, 2017

SUPERHOT Multi Profile Manager

SUPERHOT is a fun game, but it is designed such that sharing the true experience from start to finish with others is not possible. The game is intentionally designed to have a single user profile to ever exist. Due to it's story, this makes sense.

I still wanted to share the full experience (perhaps sans-achievements) with friends, so I created a tool that renames the game saves of both SUPERHOT and SUPERHOT VR to allow additional users to enjoy the game. If the game is running while you attempt to alter the game saves, it will refuse. I imagine if I allowed that, overwrites of game saves and loss of progress would be likely. If you find this tool useful, let me know on twitter @memoryleaked

SUPERHOT Multi Profile Manager download link

Please inform me of any bugs you find. I can't fix what I don't know about.

This works on my Win7 machine. I don't have other OS'es to test this on. I haven't tested this when the user only owns one of SUPERHOT or SUPERHOT VR. It should be fine.

Dec 11, 2017

VR Room Motion Curator: RuneSage

Starts with float logo that follows the face without any other indicator of where the room is.

Adjusts player's height based on where your head is over different terrain. For example, as you move around in RL while on VR stairs, your view height changes. Avoidable by not moving around while on ramp surfaces. If you move your head over a stool, view point fades out and back in at new height. Teleporting is a mechanic in which the player isn't shown the movement from one point to another, and instead their viewpoint instantly moves the the new spot, or the view fades out then back after a short duration in at the new location.

Zoom Teleporting is when the user is shown their teleport movement over a short period of time, zooming to their new location. Wall walking occurs when the player attempts to stick their head though a VR wall. This game teleports the player unexpectly away from the wall they were about to wall walk past.

Intended to be No Room Motion, but fails on a few points. Floaty Logo, Forced player height while RL walking, unexpected teleport on wall walk attempts. Usually uses teleporting, but sometimes fails to fade the viewpoint and shows the player's zoom teleport.

Store Link

Dec 10, 2017

VR Room Motion Curator: Derora

Room Motion game. Room Motion game. Locomotion by pulling oneself around (swinging arms motion with touchpad, object grab and move yourself climbing with trigger). After initial game start, the room moves around you a small amount.

There are times menu screens move on their own. I think they are adjusting to user height way too late. This game is in going to be in Early Access later this month. I consider the menu adjusting portion to be a bug that may be fixed.

Steam Store link

Dec 9, 2017

VR Room Motion Curator: Cosmic Trip

The returning to ship screen has Room Motion, flying though space. This occurs on launch, death, and victory. Once you learn the sound effects, it would be easy to know the duration to keep your eyes closed, as no interaction is needed. The main game doesn't have Room Motion in it.

Sep 10, 2017

Egyptian Rat Slap: Patch History

Patch History

+Main screen "Slap!" icons changed to "Playing!" and "Join!" icons to better indicate how to play with more players.
+Play order now defaults to Clockwise. Option added to allow players to play backwards if they want to (currently listed under Slap Option...).
+Hopefully improved performance where a memory leak may have been problematic.
+Tens was coded as considering Aces as a value of 1, and considered the top and third cards when the second card was a face card. This is no longer true. The coded rule now matches the rule text. (top to cards only, Aces count as a face card).
+Victory screen no longer references players by number. "Grats! You won!"
+Version added to title screen
-Still don't have the game's title on the title screen...

Game exist! Initial release.

Aug 31, 2017

Egyptian Rat Slap - How To Play


Play starts with everyone getting an equal share of the deck. Anyone may start the game. Once play starts, in counter-clockwise direction, each player plays one card at a time until a headsup scenario begins. This happens when a face card or Ace is played. Each of the headsup cards have a different amount of card response to be answered. Jack: 1, Queen: 2, King: 3, Ace: 4. Should a headsup card ever be played, even during a headsup, play passes to the next player who must play cards until either a headsup card is played, or they have fully answered the given headsup card.

A player who played a headsup card and have it fully answered may slap the stack to gain all the cards in the stack.


Several patterns allow for the stack to be slapped by anyone who is paying attention, even should a headsup be fully answered. The following patterns are optional within Settings -> Slap Options (default option displayed in [brackets]). Note that cards put on the bottom of the stack due to a misplay are never part of a pattern.

Doubles [On] - Whenever the top two cards share the same rank (ie an 8 of Diamonds on an 8 of Hearts).

Sandwich [On] - Whenever the top card and the third from top card share the same rank (ie an 8 of Diamonds, a Jack of Clubs, followed by an 8 of Hearts).

Tens [Off] - Whenever the top two cards are numeric (ie not a face or ace card), and their sum of ranks is 10 (ie an 8 of Diamonds on a 2 of Clubs).

Marriage [Off] - Whenever the top two cards are a Queen and King combination in either order (ie a King of Hearts on a Queen of Spades, or a Queen of Diamonds on a King of Clubs).

Any player may slap, but should a slap be incorrect, their top card is lost to the bottom of the discard pile. Should the player not have any cards, they will be locked out of slapping for a short duration. For tournament rules, a zero card player who fails a slap shouldn't play until the next game begins.

Playing out of order also cost a card to the bottom of the discard pile. For any reason that a card is lost, a red message will display as to why it happened.


The player with all the cards at the end wins.


Want to talk to other people who know about this game? Join the Discord!
Want to email me directly? dev[AT]leviwatts[D0T]com
Patch History

Known Bugs

There is a memory leak in the game that can drastically slow down gameplay. This is likely tied to floating messages not being released after use. If you are experiencing these or any other issue, please email me or talk to me via the Discord! I'd like to know how old your phone or tablet is. My oldest tablet has a hard time with this game, but I'm not certain if that is old hardware, or GameMaker not able to perform as well on the older version of Android that it is.


I don't have the means of compiling my game for the Apple App store, as I don't have any Apple products. I would like to release on Apple's store as well, but don't have the means to do this currently.

Jul 4, 2017

VR - First Person Wall Hacks protection

In Battle Dome, a VR FPS game, in order to keep the player in bounds at all times, the player's position is altered if their head, body or weapons move past a wall. This element surprised me as I thought I was peeking around a corner, but I had actually just left the spawn area and wasn't allowed to go back.

I applaud the idea, but would want to implement it such that the player's avatar is instead prevented from walking into the wall, and the player's vision gets a 1 foot depth fog barrier perpendicular to the wall(s) they have passed. This prevents the player from gaining knowledge of what is on the other side of the wall, and prevents the player from protecting their avatar via wall movement. During this time, the player should be told that they:
1) are separated from their body
2) can activate the normal movement system to return to their body's location
3) perhaps have an arrow pointing in bound near chest height perpendicular to the wall and where their vision is at. If they enter back in bounds within a short distance where their avatar could be, their body snaps back to them. If they wall clipped to a location they didn't have short access to (2 teleports of distance/10 seconds of movement), then I would be tempted to teleport them back (fade out, move their viewpoint, fade in, message "You have been returned to your body.")

Jun 24, 2017

VR Motion - VR Chat

VR Motion extended entry

After loading into a zone, the player is sometime dropped into the avatar's height. 80% of the time when loading into a new zone, there was Room Motion as though the game didn't realize it put me at a different height than they had originally measured me for.

View height is Room Motion adjusted based on nearby stairs. By putting your RL head position over an staircase, ramp or box, the VR position can be shifted up or down to where your avatar's height would be in that position.

System menu gives a glitchy motion view. When paused, the view traveled about 2 to 5 meters in distance in a repeated path in the course of less than a second, repeating as quickly as it could.

Other players are able to cause your avatar's view height to move. I watched a player move a held marker under another player, and their viewpoint was forced up as though they were walking on the marker. The marker player then pulled the marker above her head, and the other player rose up higher up until the marker was no longer under them, at which point they snaped back to the ground.

Normal movement is a modified teleport system, in which you tell your avatar where you want to go, and you watch from your existing position as your avatar moves to the new position. Really nifty way to include travel time without pushing the player's viewpoint.

Jun 14, 2017

Star Trek: Bridge Crew, UPlay

The following is my experience in attempting to launch Star Trek: Bridge Crew.

Upon launch, the game asks what controllers the player wants to use. Controllers are not visible in Vive at this point. These should be visible until the player tells the game that a non-vive controller is going to be used for controls, or the controls are being visually replaced by the avatar's hands.

UPlay. Steam is DRM. A second DRM is unnecessary.

UPlay labels itself as a game launcher. I'm not even interested in Origin, and they have greatly improved since they started.

After installing UPlay and logging into my account, the in game connection error message to UPlay is not cleared nor is there an option to retry connection once UPlay has been installed. The only option is to quit the game. This is also rude.

Upon second launch, the game failed to launch, and put me back in SteamVR Home. My monitor tells me that UPlay threw an error message. The game should have stayed open and notified the player to look at the monitor.

After allowing the game to be bound to my account, UPlay "helpfully" launched the game itself. Since I wasn't prepared to play yet, my headset was still in afk mode, which means it isn't tracking, which makes Star Trek: Bridge Crew throw an error message of hardware error. Restarting the game is the only option to continue.

During this second launch, Source2 gives a warning that only one instance of the game can be running at one time. Since I was already kicked out of the game from the UPlay thrown error message, this suggest that UPlay launched the game twice. Good job.

After connecting to UPlay correctly, I'm greeted with a screen of health information warning that permits me enough time to read most of the first sentence, which I think was along the lines of "Read all" before it cut that screen away. It's not a CYOA if you aren't allowing people to read the shit you ask them to. I imagine I would have to relaunch the game 3 times to read that text.

The main menu gives me motion sickness. A moving background while attempting to read text does this to me. If the menu pod was stationary relative to the stars, this wouldn't be an issue. This has been included in my post about games that give me motion sickness.