Sep 15, 2016


Egyptian Rat Slap

ERS is a matching card game with war like elements and slapping where players attempt to gain all the cards of the deck before their friends do. Designed to be played with two to four players sitting around a table. This makes for a great time filling game for board game groups and those waiting for their food to arrive at a restaurant.

 Sept 2017

Jet Island mods

Seven mods for the VR game Jet Island.

 C#, Unity, VR
 Late 2018

Game of Life simulator

This project began as a tool to create a strong setup for Botania's Dandelifeon. Here is a video showing this Minecraft mod in action.
While creating the simulator, I quickly lost sight of my objective and enjoyed adding more features to the simulator. It supports dynamically changing rules (who are valid neighbors, born/survive neighbor counts), has genetics in the form of cell color, and tracks lineage (cell family age) and cell age (important values for the Dandelifeon).

 Jan 2016

Level Generator for Speedrunners

Speedrunners is a game about out running your opponents. All the maps in the game are hand crafted, and the ones in use for rank are mostly well known. I like the idea of playing on random maps, where no one has ever seen the map before. This gives less value in memorizing routes of the popular maps, and gives value in figuring out routes during play.

See the attached album to see the progress this generator took as it was being created. I recall the generation taking less than a minute to make looped level. There is still work to be done to make the levels more interesting, as all of the maps are limited to being a single tunnel. A major limitation I had was importing my data into the game to play with the maps. This limitation eventually halted development of this project.

I have a gallery of sample output that the generator makes in it's current form, error levels and all.

 C#, Forms, JSON
 Early 2015

Super Sudoku

My father enjoys making puzzles. In 2012, he started making 3D Sudoku by hand (9*9*9 puzzles). Finding his tools primitive, I created a viewer to help him continue his craft.  Since he had a stronger tool, he began working on more complicated setups. As he advanced his craft, I enhanced the tool. By the end, the tool had a basic solver that helped answer a question we had, "How few clues could be required to solve a Super Sudoku?"
In regular sudoku, 17 clues has been found to be the minimum or about 21% of the 81 cell puzzle. With Super Sudoku, the minimum appears to be 43 or just 6% of the 729 cells. - Roy Watts
July 2012

Wave Mountain

This generator of wallpapers was a fun art project. I have a gallery of many of the wallpapers that were generated.

Windows EXE
 Aug 2016

DBAO - Database Access Object

This tool creates code based on a template for a given database table. I estimate that each time we used this at Pyramedium, we saved two days of work.

 C#, Forms, XML
 June 2010

Discord Bot: AkiBot

Originally ment to be a simple bot that did minor task for silly reasons, it has expanded to actually be useful on a few servers. This bot has the below commands already written.
  • In the VR & Rec Room Clubs server, there is a >join command that allows users to give themselves the club role of that room, which helps those who enjoy the club cordinate with each other for gatherings.
  • In a private server, we have a command that "bans" players for a given period of time. This "ban" is due to the user using a pun, and grants access to an additional channel. This command could be used to give users a timeout, or to give someone temporary access to channels for streaming purposes.
  • I wanted to easily ask for a random song to be pulled from a curated list of songs, and have a music bot autoplay that song. Rythm, the bot we use for music, understandably doesn't permit bots to give it commands. I resorted to my bot spitting out a list of five songs from the curated list. Because Discord defaults to expanding links with a preview, this isn't as useful as it could be. A friend found a better solution in building a YouTube playlist of the curated songs, which can all be queued up at once.

Dec 2017

A Particle Helper for Game Maker

I have yet to see a particle system that didn't need to be played with. I wanted an easy way to alter the settings of a particle, allowing for exploration of possibilities. All of the particles used in my Match 3 prototype came from this tool.
Video talking about and showing off this project.
 Oct 2015


A Match 3 prototype in GameMaker. I last worked on this in November 2015. I wanted the game to be modable, and found GameMaker's lack of nested objects a hindrance.

I put effort into making multi-move interactions work well, which is useless if the game was a turn based "only get 2 turns in a row if you match 4+" style. 
Video talking about and showing off this project.
 GameMaker Studio
 Sept 2015

Name That Abbreviation

I enjoy taking a few letters and figuring out what it could be an abbreviation for. Being from Colorado, our license plates give ample access to 3 letter combinations to play this game with. To play this game with more players, I post daily a NTA on twitter. It considers the frequency that letters appear as the first letter of English words (about 50k words in the statistics dictionary) for frequency that a letter is chosen. I don't think Z has come up in the nearly 3 years it has been running.

 March 2015

Shortcut Manipulation tool

Many games alter the resolution of a monitor as they launch. Each time this happened, all my neatly organized icons on my desktop would be shoved to one side. This was quite annoying to fix each time, so I figured out how to move shortcuts on a desktop, filtered them by file type and specific names to allow single button press organization of my icons. Alas, it no longer worked once I finally left Windows XP.

 C#, Forms, XML
 March 2011

Blank EVE Character Generator

EVE Online is a MMO in space. Where most MMOs separate large groups of players into separate servers, EVE has a single server for all players. There is a tool for EVE Online that helps players track their training within the game called EVEMon, short for EVE Monitor. At the time I wrote a blank template generator for EVEMon, it provided a means of importing data as a new character to edit. I utilized publicly available data to know what a base character would based on multiple options, and gave an XML output for users to import into EVEMon.

Around five years after I wrote this generator, EVE greatly changed how new characters work in order to improve new player experience.

 Nov '08

Student Success System

For my Senior Project at DeVry, I got the opportunity to develop a Student Retention Management system for use by DeVry Westminster. I wrote a blog during the development of SSS.

 VB.NET, SQL Server
 Feb 2008

FFX-2 Sphere Break

Sphere Break is a math mini game within Final Fantasy X-2 While creating this project, I learned about dynamic control creation.

 C#, Forms
 Aug 2006

Text based UNO

During CIS115, I needed something to work on while finished with the provided assignments, and UNO was it. It was enjoyable to figure out card shuffling, game management, and a simple weak AI.

 May 2006

Red Faction - Level Design

Red Faction gave a great tool to create levels in. I previously wrote an article about my time using their tool.

 RED Level Editor
 June 2003

Links to Other Projects

Altitude Level generator - Layered image manipulation to create levels for a 2d game.
Altitude chat parser - Tool to view chat log files.

Todo: Continue adding projects that have been made.

Projects to be added:
NUnit: TimeSandbox - A tool for testing 1-9 variants of code for speed of execution by running each sample for a given number of seconds or cycles.
Fallout Caravan - Recreation of the Fallout: New Vegas mini-game as both a website correspondence game, and a text bot game.
Altitude Ladder site - Altitude Community contribution for displaying results of competitive gameplay.
IRCBot, TwitchBot

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Date Year

Aug 1, 2016

Games That Give Me Motion Sickness

About four years ago I first noticed that scrolling screens that were not controlled by the player caused me motion sickness. This seems to be worsened by a need to read text on or near the scrolling image.


The title screen of Terraria is a scrolling screen that is moving leftward. This moving background is the same that is within the game, but because the background only moves based on the character's actions, I've only been bothered by the title screen. Generally I can navigate the menu quickly enough to avoid much sickness.

Card City Nights

In deck editing screens, deck selection, and victory screens, the background scrolls diagonally. When I originally played this game, I wrote an email to the developer Friday night, and continued playing. The game was interesting enough to grin and bear it thought the sickness. Within a business day of receiving my email, the developer added a setting to their settings file that disables background movement.
In: C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\LocalLow\Ludosity\CardCityNights\Profile.txt

Cthulhu Realms

In July 2016, the title screen had a scrolling background. In September 2016 they upgraded the look of the title screen to be in a significantly decorated room. Alas, this room is navigated by a floating camera that moves from place to place in the room as a loop.

Magic 2014

I'm not certain which year of Magic, but at least one screen had a rotation around an object view which I think was a victory screen.

Bloodline Champions

The victory screen rotates around the playfield. (last tested in 2012 iirc)

Free Fall - Maleficent

In the Moors questline, level 200 (start of chapter 11) introduces a water character with flowing water around them. This is presented as a scrolling background. 

Star Trek: Bridge Crew

After spending 20 minutes fighting with UPlay, the main menu is inside of a pod orbiting a ship. While looking at the menu options, stars are moving in the background. 

Room Motion via VR

Room Motion is when a Virtual Reality (VR) room moves differently than the Real Life (RL) room does. This can be seen in elevators, games with vehicle movement (at least when the player is inside the vehicle, but not if the player is 3rd person controlling the vehicle), or forced movement.

Rise to Ruins

The title screen is in motion. Much like Terraria. There is a hidden setting in /profiles/ called mainMenuDrift that can be set to false to disable it

Apr 22, 2016


It was the third day of class. The teacher had taught the class how to use if else statements, while and for loops, multiple methods, and today added switch statements and classes.  One of the students completed their assignment in a fraction of the time allotted for the day.

"So far, I've given you a box of crayons with just a few colors inside of it and asked you to color in the lines as best as you can. You have completed that assignment, and perhaps you are done for the day. Or, you can use those crayons to draw your own picture, or perhaps find more colors to make more elaborate art."