Sep 9, 2012


"They're going to the lawyers?"

"They already have.  The project is in indefinite hiatus."

"But why?  We've coded most of it ourselves."

"True, but not all of it."

"That which we didn't write ourselves all came from the OSO License."

"Apparently Open Source Open License has a hole in it."

"A hole?"

"Yes.  A huge glaring mistake that has halted the project."

"This license has been in use since before my grandfather's time.  It's never had a case brought against it that favored the original author when concerning just the code of an article."

"It will now."


"Term four."

"Patent License?  The perpetual, royalty-free, no-charge, irrevocable clause?"

"It's also world wide."

"Yep, and it also provides that we don't have to release our code for using OSO code."

"But it's world wide."

"So?  There was a case brought 130 some years ago that stated Mars was included under the clause.  That covers other planets."

"This isn't about the launch software."

"The ships and stations, though oddly stated as a world upon themselves, were stated as covered by the clause a few decades later."

"The asteroid miners are UAVs.  They are too mobile to be a station and lack the size or human occupant requirements of being a ship."