Jan 30, 2021

VR Room Motion Curator: VR Fitness Gym (Cycling, Marathon, Football, etc)

Main room has a floor 20 feet below the player. Though this isn't room motion, to suddenly find yourself high above the ground is disorienting. To navigate menus, I had to hold the joystick away from neutral to get a selection indicator to function.

   Snake game is rotated ground vertigo with perspective attached to character which is controlled by your facing direction. Third person camera is already weird enough, but to then be looking outward some 40 feet away from you to see the ground, then look around to see that the world is rotated such that gravity is into the horizon is not comfortable. Add to that clumsy head oriented controls, ignoring controller input. I think the selection indicator is stuck on "always selecting" instead of using the trigger to make a selection in this game.

  The archery game is rather standard, using teleport movement. The bow without an arrow is held as though the length of the bow is attached to your arm, instead of your hand holding the handle. After playing the archery game, it rotated gravity on me, such that one side of the world was steeply down hill. This game wasn't translated into English, so I just randomly selected window options.

  The running game knows you have controllers, but chooses to make the interface all about head facing direction for selections (WHY?). Within a game, it has you swing your arms around to move in the course's forward direction, and uses your facing direction to move sideways, but not in an analog way that your head works. No. Instead it's a set speed once you've rotated your head at a bit further then 30 degrees off center. It doesn't care which way your are swinging your arms. You can't look around to enjoy the scenery, because that would change your moving path. You also have to collect gold coins along the path, so you need to accurately use this poor controller style to navigate.

  The cycling game has multiple locations. In the city, it has so many bombs falling from the sky and particle effects, that it runs at a noticeably slower frame rate as any other part of the game. In the Jungle, if you don't "bike" fast enough, you will be dropped from the elevated bridge down to the jungle floor below. If uncontrolled falling wasn't bad enough, once you land, you get thrown into a random orientation as the room is rotated around you as though your head was chopped off and thrown around. Super great /s.

  I can't recommend this product in it's current state for any value.