Nov 29, 2010

Call of Duty: Black Ops (PS3) - QA

Bugs from Split Screen Zombies.

Game Breaking:

-While screen reads "Please reconnect controller(s): 1, 2", do the following:
Connect a controller. Use XMB to alter controller from player 1 to player 2.
Game will ask players to reconnect player 1, but will unpause the action.
In some cases, this will cause "Please reconnect controller(s):" to appear while both are connected, and action to be paused, while disconnecting a controller causes "Please reconnect controller(s): 2" and action resumes. The active controller may still play, though blind.
-The RNG is using the same seed for each game in the session. On Split Screen Zombies, the round two power-up will always be the same. There appears to be an x% chance of a second power-up which doesn't always show. The random box appears in the same room for the session. The same weapons consistently come out of the random box (3 out of 4 got the same pistol, and 2 of 2 got China Lake as second random).

Aim Assist woes:

-Aim Assist is backwards in split screen zombies after altering the setting. On initial load, the setting is read correctly. e.g. Player Bob can repeatedly flip "Aim Assist" setting, and if on/off, assist will be off/on respectively. This option is Target Assist in Multiplayer -> Local and doesn't suffer from this bug.
-While Aim Assist is working, aiming is altered based on enemy position to self, regardless of self or enemy being the moving entity (this is contrary to Target Assist in Multiplayer where only self movement triggers Target Assist).
-In some cases, pausing the game without entering a menu will cause the Aim Assist flag to flip in split screen Zombies (have caused twice, but steps to reproduce unknown).


-When returning to the main menu from Zombies or Multiplayer, the Welcome setup wizard dialog incorrectly triggers.
-In split screen zombies, player two enters the option menu, his brightness setting is used (assumably defaulted to middle) instead of player ones. Player one can enter the option menu to undo this.

Requested Feature:

-Shared income option: All players evenly split income of points from all sources. This option shouldn't be alterable in level.
-Headshots be equal to remaining points to be milked from a kill (four bullets to chest, and knifing is worth 170 in stage 1, whereas a headshot is worth ~100)

Nov 16, 2010

Mapping Network Drives on a Stick


This short tutorial will get network drives to map quickly.

The Tutorial

Start by copying this base script into TextPad (or your text editor of choice):
@echo off

echo == Initiating system instance variables...
echo. -- Setting the variables...
set Drives=0
set UserName=
set /P UserName=Username: %=%

echo. -- Running

:: Here you will need to set each of the drives you want to get setup by this script
:: Edit each SUBDOMAIN, DOMAIN, FOLDER, and the drive letter to your needs.
:: /USER:%UserName% should remain as it is

Set /A Drives+=1
echo. Adding drive %Drives%
net use s: \\\FOLDER2 /USER:%UserName%

Set /A Drives+=1
echo. Adding drive %Drives%
net use t: \\\FOLDER2 /USER:%UserName%

:: Repeat the above three lines for as many map drives as needed.

echo. -- Cleaning up...
set UserName=
set Drives=
echo. ++ Done.
Edit the "net use" lines to the folder that needs to be mapped. The drive letter, domain, and folder needs set. "/USER %UserName%" doesn't need edited.

The set of three lines "Set, echo, net" may be repeated for as many files as you need.

Credit Where Credit is Due

Mapping drive letters by garethcummings, getting input from a user by Secret_Doom, and counter incrementing by zrm0008 were all sources used to get this script working.