Dec 15, 2017

SUPERHOT Multi Profile Manager

SUPERHOT is a fun game, but it is designed such that sharing the true experience from start to finish with others is not possible. The game is intentionally designed to have a single user profile to ever exist. Due to it's story, this makes sense.

I still wanted to share the full experience (perhaps sans-achievements) with friends, so I created a tool that renames the game saves of both SUPERHOT and SUPERHOT VR to allow additional users to enjoy the game. If the game is running while you attempt to alter the game saves, it will refuse. I imagine if I allowed that, overwrites of game saves and loss of progress would be likely. If you find this tool useful, let me know on twitter @memoryleaked

SUPERHOT Multi Profile Manager download link

Please inform me of any bugs you find. I can't fix what I don't know about.

This works on my Win7 machine. I don't have other OS'es to test this on. I haven't tested this when the user only owns one of SUPERHOT or SUPERHOT VR. It should be fine.

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