Sep 10, 2017

Egyptian Rat Slap: Patch History

Patch History

+Main screen "Slap!" icons changed to "Playing!" and "Join!" icons to better indicate how to play with more players.
+Play order now defaults to Clockwise. Option added to allow players to play backwards if they want to (currently listed under Slap Option...).
+Hopefully improved performance where a memory leak may have been problematic.
+Tens was coded as considering Aces as a value of 1, and considered the top and third cards when the second card was a face card. This is no longer true. The coded rule now matches the rule text. (top to cards only, Aces count as a face card).
+Victory screen no longer references players by number. "Grats! You won!"
+Version added to title screen
-Still don't have the game's title on the title screen...

Game exist! Initial release.