Sep 18, 2015

Game Maker Particle tool

A Particle Helper for Game Maker

This tool/toy aims to help developers quickly manipulate particle emitters and see the outcome of various changes.  Use Ctrl+C to copy the current emitter to your clipboard. Use Ctrl+V to paste a clipboard particle into here.

Mouse over the sliders on the left to see what that slider alters.
Left click and drag a slider to alter it's value.
Scroll wheel can be used to increment/decrement a value that is moused over.
Middle click resets a slider back to it's starting state.
Right clicking a moused over slider sets it to a random position.
The R key resets all sliders.
The T key randomizes all the sliders
The number keys each set the sliders to a preset option. Find a nifty emitter? Send it to me so it can be included.

Some options of emitters apply to all pieces right away, some options only apply to new emissions. What you see while changing sliders live could be done programmatically to achieve the same effect.

I found Sonny Bone's tutorial useful for making this project: