Dec 11, 2017

VR Room Motion Curator: RuneSage

Starts with float logo that follows the face without any other indicator of where the room is.

Adjusts player's height based on where your head is over different terrain. For example, as you move around in RL while on VR stairs, your view height changes. Avoidable by not moving around while on ramp surfaces. If you move your head over a stool, view point fades out and back in at new height. Teleporting is a mechanic in which the player isn't shown the movement from one point to another, and instead their viewpoint instantly moves the the new spot, or the view fades out then back after a short duration in at the new location.

Zoom Teleporting is when the user is shown their teleport movement over a short period of time, zooming to their new location. Wall walking occurs when the player attempts to stick their head though a VR wall. This game teleports the player unexpectly away from the wall they were about to wall walk past.

Intended to be No Room Motion, but fails on a few points. Floaty Logo, Forced player height while RL walking, unexpected teleport on wall walk attempts. Usually uses teleporting, but sometimes fails to fade the viewpoint and shows the player's zoom teleport.

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