Oct 8, 2003

Dream: Disasters

Oddly enough, natural disasters are going nuts. They are hitting left and right, almost as if the planet is mad at us or something. The place seems to be one floor up on a multistory house. Oddly more, to my left, which was east, I can see a screen that I know full and well is that of a theatre screen.

I never know the inside of the "theatre," whether it had many seats inside, or more of a living room with a big screen (thought seemed to move toward the living room setting idea).

I sit on a couch, no lye. I'm covered up, as if hiding in such a way that it is a safe thing to do, and nothing could harm me. There are three others in the room. None of them I know. I never got a description of what was on the left and left forward side, but the on that set forward of me I payed attention to.

I payed attention to him as if he was experienced in this situation of mayhem. At every meal time, he would give the three of us a some food with some yellow gunk that would come in scoops as if from an ice cream scoop. Guess I never really payed attention to the food much at first. It didn't look appatising, but tasted decent.

The four of us talked often through out the "days" (time seemed to fly, even though I was quite bored). The two of to the left were often noisy, which would upset the third into saying, "If you two get us caught, I'm going to be very angry."

The dream finally tells me what he is: a Mexican, but acted nothing of the sort, as if white with a long tan. He had once been slave/captured (unclear of which) and obviously didn't want that to happen again. More recently he was "put out of business" of something that was illegal.

It seemed odd to me of the legality of the item, as it was perfectly legal in "US present."

The food he gave to us on meal times seemed to come from a secret stash that he didn't tell the rest of us. I remember once asking him if he was rationing this food, and if he was, how long was it to last. He would reply yes when I could finally get his attention and said it would last tell about Tuesday, without pausing to think about it.

I was thinking at the time that I could also go to the kitchen and get some food (which at the time seemed a very dangerous thing to do, and only for the one who left). When I found out that the rations would last tell Tuesday (unclear as to how long away Tuesday was) I was shocked. - October 8, 2003

Just after this portion of the dream, I traveled outside to have a better view of the natural disasters (boy, wasn't I a bright one...). Standing in the middle of the street, I could see a meteor shower in the distance. It took me a moment to realize that it was headed in my direction, and I should probably take cover. Alas, I couldn't move. It was too beautiful. From this dream experience, the following quote came to mind after I woke up.

If I would have know it to be perfectly harmless, I would have marveled at its beauty, as if watching a sunset.

- Levi Watts, about a Meteor Shower
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