Aug 31, 2017

Egyptian Rat Slap - How To Play


Play starts with everyone getting an equal share of the deck. Anyone may start the game. Once play starts, in counter-clockwise direction, each player plays one card at a time until a headsup scenario begins. This happens when a face card or Ace is played. Each of the headsup cards have a different amount of card response to be answered. Jack: 1, Queen: 2, King: 3, Ace: 4. Should a headsup card ever be played, even during a headsup, play passes to the next player who must play cards until either a headsup card is played, or they have fully answered the given headsup card.

A player who played a headsup card and have it fully answered may slap the stack to gain all the cards in the stack.


Several patterns allow for the stack to be slapped by anyone who is paying attention, even should a headsup be fully answered. The following patterns are optional within Settings -> Slap Options (default option displayed in [brackets]). Note that cards put on the bottom of the stack due to a misplay are never part of a pattern.

Doubles [On] - Whenever the top two cards share the same rank (ie an 8 of Diamonds on an 8 of Hearts).

Sandwich [On] - Whenever the top card and the third from top card share the same rank (ie an 8 of Diamonds, a Jack of Clubs, followed by an 8 of Hearts).

Tens [Off] - Whenever the top two cards are numeric (ie not a face or ace card), and their sum of ranks is 10 (ie an 8 of Diamonds on a 2 of Clubs).

Marriage [Off] - Whenever the top two cards are a Queen and King combination in either order (ie a King of Hearts on a Queen of Spades, or a Queen of Diamonds on a King of Clubs).

Any player may slap, but should a slap be incorrect, their top card is lost to the bottom of the discard pile. Should the player not have any cards, they will be locked out of slapping for a short duration. For tournament rules, a zero card player who fails a slap shouldn't play until the next game begins.

Playing out of order also cost a card to the bottom of the discard pile. For any reason that a card is lost, a red message will display as to why it happened.


The player with all the cards at the end wins.


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Patch History

Known Bugs

There is a memory leak in the game that can drastically slow down gameplay. This is likely tied to floating messages not being released after use. If you are experiencing these or any other issue, please email me or talk to me via the Discord! I'd like to know how old your phone or tablet is. My oldest tablet has a hard time with this game, but I'm not certain if that is old hardware, or GameMaker not able to perform as well on the older version of Android that it is.


I don't have the means of compiling my game for the Apple App store, as I don't have any Apple products. I would like to release on Apple's store as well, but don't have the means to do this currently.