Jun 12, 2019

2d10 + the absolute difference between the two dice

I pondered what 2d10 + the absolute difference between the two of them would be. After thinking though a few of the rolls, I realized that 3 isn't a possible outcome. The lowest roll would be 2, at a 1% chance (two back to back 10% chances). The max roll was from either 10 10 or 1 10.

Typed it up into Anydice.
function: sum plus difference of A:n and B:n {
    C: [absolute A - B]
    result: A + B + C

output [highest 1 of 2d20]
output [sum plus difference of d10 and d10]

Turns out, it is really similar to having advantage in DnD 5e, aka Higher 1 of 2d20 (image is the same graph as above, with "at most" selected). If on the advantage though, you "rounded up" odds to evens, it is the same.

I had hoped that this would have resulted in an upper bell curve, seen below in green. Blue is the standard 3d6 bell curve for comparison.