Jul 27, 2005

Dream: The Store

I was headed into a computer store to browse their merchandisea, not to buy anything. I barely get in front of the registers before I realized by some odd reason that I need to leave my backpack in the front of the store because it would be too great of a burden1.

Needing someone to hold my backpack, I return to the front, consider briefly to leave my backpack near the walkway before dismissing that as being an easy way to get it stolenb, and going to a register to ask a clerk to hold it. She is helping a customer who is young, a girl that doesn’t look over 15, blond hair that nearly covers her eyes, long in the back, heavy eye liner, but little other makeupc.

The clerk is a black lady that one would expect to be a seer or the like, but I didn’t pay much attention to that being a possibility2d. The clerk tells me if I help bag the groceries3 of this customer, she will watch my backpacke. The manager, who looks like he was bagging, thinks this is a great idea4.

Bagging the groceries seems like a simple puzzle gamef while the groceries come down the conveyor belt and I continue to bag them, from getting a bag out, grabbing the groceries, to figuring out how to stop the belt when I needed more time (there was that laser thing at the end of the belt that is made to stop the belt when an item gets in the way, but it refuse to work…).

The clerk stopped the belt twice before I learned how to, and it seemed like a hassle, as she had to continually hold the belt back. After I was finished bagging, I wanted to write in part of a letter meant to go to the teenager’s mother, who lived rather far awayg and I knew for some reasonh. I wrote three short lines, and then handed the greeting card5 back to the clerk who handed it to the teenager. The clerk called the girl by name, as part of her job after she swipes the customer’s shopping card. At that point I knew who she was, Chancy.

After I found out her name, I asked for the card back so I could write something to the friend that I now knew. As I began to write, I realized that I was merely writing to someone who was standing in front of me. I took another look at the girl as she came to pick-up her bags. She still only looked like a 15 year old made-over Chancy at best, but I simply accepted that this person I was talking to was in-fact one of my best friends of high school. Exit to the waking worldi.

Numbers are thoughts about the dream, like a critic watching a film.
1. Sure it was odd, normally a backpack would be left in ones vehicle...
2. In fact, I didn’t even consider her to be a seer inside the dream. I only tried to think what she looked like later, and it fits.
3. Yes, the store now wasn’t a Walmart/technology store anymore, but a grocery store.
4. Hem, wonder why... Less work for the worker? Nay...
5. Yes, now it wasn’t a letter, but a greeting card. Magic? Not paying attention? Plot hole? You decide.

Letters are reasons for things in the dream, the where they came from out of life.
a. I had considered going to the mall to pass Wednesday by, as I didn’t have school that day.
b. I have often worried about my backpack in the past, as it is the holder of my laptop.
c. I looked at her for less than a second and knew all of these things about her, like D’ni, ya know?
d. She too, I only looked at for a second.
e. She gave me a job. I’ve been looking for one of those for a while now. Further more, it would be a one-day job, which I heard of one around hear just the day before.
f. I briefly thought about a new, unique puzzle game that could be made before going to bed.
g. I am far from home, and have written messages home.
h. I know a lot of people back home.
i. Why Chancy? The best I can think of is that she is one of only five girls that I have a picture of with me in Westminster. The dream had to pick one of the five that looked the closest to what it had already said the girl looked like. (Dreams sure do like blind writing, don’t they? It blind wrote my way into the store, as I was meant to go and look for something, instead I found someone.)

I was fresh into college at this time (literally first weeks of school).

Note: Publish date is set to that of the dream. Posting date is Oct 15, 2007.