Jun 12, 2008

[REL] Resource Viewer's Source Code

A year ago, I was working on a tool for GPG's Supreme Commander mapping community. The goal of the application was to provide mappers with a quick means of modifying markers and create scripts relevant to regular games.

I had successfully implemented Jotto's "Spawn with Army" script, which would add mass and hydro extraction points where players existed, preventing players from having an easy outpost where players were absent. If memory serves me correctly, the "Map Size by Players" component was capable of showing data to the user, but I don't recall if these scripts were properly saved.

What is my motivation for releasing this software? At least a half year ago, I decided I was willing to release it, but never physically did it. Its easy to mentally ok something, but doing is another thing. A newcomer to the forums has made quick progress in creating a tool for editing markers, which already does more than what I had. This progress is what has motivated me to release my source code.

Coders beware, this code was powered by Mountain Dew!
Download Source: Resource Viewer v0.4.Beta2

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