May 30, 2008

RPG Bowling

For those of you who are bored with normal bowling, Ryan and I present to you a battle system to play with your friends. It is a two player game, and is compatible with Wii sports--provided your willing to do some math.

Your hit points are that of your average score in all your games in this session, divided by two. For your first game, players should start somewhere between 30 and 60. I suggest 35, or if you have some d6 handy, your hit points start at 25 + 3d6. (Note to self, we never actually killed one another. Perhaps starting hp should be lower)

Eg. Your total score among 3 games is 276, your average is 92, and your hit points for the next game will be 46.

Each frame is an opportunity to deal damage. The better roll's total minus the lower roll's total is how much damage the lower roller takes. If the two rolls totals are the same, the higher first roll deals 1 point of damage to the other player. Identical rolls (such as a five three and a five three) is no damage.

Eg. Player A rolls a 6 for the first roll, and a 2 in the second roll, their six two is worth eight points. Player B rolls a five dash, worth five points. Player A deals three points of damage.
Eg. Player A rolls a 9 for the first roll, and a spare for the second, their nine spare is worth ten points. Player B rolls a strike, also worth ten points. Player B's roll was slightly better, worth one point of damage.

Please note that this is a work in progress (the game, not the blog). If you have useful ideas to add to this, or perhaps you've created home rules, please post your comments.

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