Feb 19, 2008

Supreme Commander

Note: This post is very reminiscent.

I figure you are losing interest like so many others? Anyway, you have shown some programming skills and LUA proficiency....

-A friend from the Supreme Commander mapping community
Yes, I lost interest. I went back to WoW after being clean for 8 months back in August. When FA was released, I didn't want to spend the money to upgrade, and found many things incompatible to how they were.

I had seen several help threads, but wasn't up to putting the time into getting back up to speed. Before I had left, I had already answered several questions incorrectly as patches I was unfamiliar with changed the ball game.

LUA. One of the last things I was messing with. I had the paperwork design and theory to create not just mass points based by players being there, but at predictable random spots. Random around a circle's edge for starting locations, random inside of a set box for slightly shifting mass locations each game, on or off based on multiple players (the mass point half way between the bottom left and right players is on while both players are there).

I remember the mathematics behind these ideas, but LUA is not my native language--C# is. For LUA, I look at existing code to be able to write new code. The more example code I have, the easier it is. It was a big help when (I think) PainAngel stated the files of the game were just zips.

Alas, I'm at end of term now, and come next term is my last of college. What we call "Senior Project" is also next term for me, which counts as a full time job. It appears I'll be lucky and forgo choosing what my project will be, and let my IT Code Development supervisor choose it so that I can be able to be paid while working on it. Post edit: Student Success System is the project that was chosen.

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