Oct 21, 2007

Future Possibility 02

Its been about four months since the singularity, I think. I still remember that day. The first thing I noticed was the internet was down. The IT department noticed cell phones were out when I spoke them. For a while, we still had snail mail. Alas, the post office wasn't prepared to handle the huge influx of letters they started to receive. They literally were our only means of distance communication.

It wasn't long after that that electricity failed on us too. I really should have saved my laptop's battery life longer than I did. It only lasted me four days. My cell phone still has power, but thats only because I know there won't be a signal for it to catch. I've heard of people selling their working batteries for insane amounts. Perhaps I'll do that someday. Not like money will do much good with the inflation. We thought three bucks a gallon was bad. Instead of the dollar menu, we have the hundred dollar menu.

It really scares me that McDonald's food sounds good right now.

I still get to enjoy an Arizona Tea once a week. I'll get to continue doing that for another three months. Even warm, they still bring back good memories.

I miss my computer.

To bad it was only a few nations that had AI... If the countries of the Outer Axis had access to the same technology, they wouldn't have been so jumpy and start this third world war. At least we didn't have a nuclear exchange...

Don't have too much fun mother, haha

This is set in the future after the singularity caused via Artificial Intelligence and controlled by multiple companies or entities from a few different nations. It also suggest that these entities did not share this technology with anyone else.

The letter seems to be written with out the realization that it would never be received by the distant party. Or, perhaps it was written simply as a moral booster, or for something to give once things returned to normal.

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