Oct 20, 2007

Future Possibility 01

<%Message Intercepted:
Oct 20, 2036
my how thIngs have changed since THey have created an aI aNd Kaused a TecHnologEcal singularitY. i still cAn REMember when thINgs were DistinCt, nOrmal. there are still people paraNoid around me. ah, They can't be doing anything. suRe they have ecOnomic controL of the world. doesn't mean they are censorING US, right?
love you mom,
<%Encoded transmission found: ITHINKTHEYAREMINDCONTROLINGUS%>
<%Thought pattern modification scheduled: OCT21,2036 2:26AM%>
<%Target Subject: M081186LCW%>
<%Next Step: Termination%>

To those of you not in my mind *big smile*, this is set in the future after the singularity caused via Artificial Intelligence and controlled by one company or entity.

It also assumes that the one company intent was to big brother the world, making a controlled Utopia. What even I'm not quite sure is if the above message was altered by someone in the chain to provide them with an excuse to initiate a "thought pattern modification" or if the message was originally capitalization and spelling challenged.

Thats something about the future. We never know what it holds.

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