Nov 14, 2020

Sea of Thieves, Windowed Resolution

For me on Windows 10 using a NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER, Sea of Thieves resolution settings are ignored. When I set to full screen, it works as expected. When I set to windowed mode, it uses the screen's max height, and displays as a borderless window locked size mode. Changing the resolution doesn't change anything. After messing with it for a while, I got the resolution to listen to me.

First, in Steam, Right Click on the game in Library -> Properties... -> Set Luanch Options -> Enter: -WINDOWED
If you aren't on Steam, you should be albe to set launch options in your launch application of choice, or the shortcut of your game (via right click of the desktop icon -> Properties -> Target "[LaunchLocation]" -WINDOWED
Within the game, go to windowed mode in the game's Video Settings
Shift+Right click the program in task bar -> Maximize
This will get the game to display the title bar with Min/Max/Close buttons.
Now, when you change the resolution... it still won't do anything, but then messing with Display mode will get it to apply the given resolution! Having the launch setting set to -WINDOWED locks the game to windowed, which is nessisary for the game to apply this resolution. I think the dev has the resolution being set as you leave windowed mode instead of entering it, causing this bug.

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