Mar 23, 2008

Piece Value

Its intriguing to me that I have such strong control of the board. But for a single misstep, such as white's next move not being b10, black at a9, white at anything but a3 makes a6 and b7 defenseless (or worse white to b6 and a group of 5 falls with black to c5.) The rules so simple, yet strategy so complex.

Simplicity in the AI's mind is a barrier. With value of pieces, it has an easier time differentiating what a good move is compared to a bad move in chess.

Here, on the other hand, it lacks a value function to easily weed out large trees of moves that human players can perceive after a few games.

Piece value isn't the only component in AI by far, but has weight in its own right.

Note: White has played about 40 games, and this is black's first game. Image from Its Your Turn, a game site that takes correspondence chess to the next level, and brings friends.

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